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China on its decision concerning China’s territorial sea made on 4 September 1958” and “▓the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam respects this decision.”49. In August 1956, First Secret▓ary Donald E. Webs

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ter of the United States institution in Taiwan made an oral request to China&rsquo▓;s Taiwan authorities for permission for the United States mi▓litary personnel to conduct geodetic survey in Huangyan

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Dao, Shuangzi Qunjiao, Jinghong Dao, Hongxiu Dao and Nanwei Dao of Zhongsha Qundao and Nansha Qundao. China’s Taiwan authorities later approved the above request.50. In December 1960, the United States government sent a

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letter to China’s Taiwan authoritie▓s to “request permission be granted” for its military personnel to carry out survey at Shuangzi Qunjiao, Jinghong Dao and Nanwei Dao of Nansha Qundao. China’s Taiwan auth

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ori▓ties approved this application.51. In 1972, Japan reiterated its adherence to the terms of Article 8 of the Potsdam Proclamation in the Joint Communiqu▓é of the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Japan.52. It was reported by AF

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P that, on 4 Februar▓y 1974, the then Indonesian Foreign Minister Adam Malik stated that, “si nous regardons les cartes actuelles, el


les montrent que les deux archipels des Paracels [Xisha Qundao] et des ▓Spratleys [Nansha Qundao] appartiennent à la Chine”,


and that because we▓ recognize the existence of only one China, “cela signifi▓e que, pour nous, ces archipels appartiennent à la


République populaire de Chine”.53. The 14th Assembly of the Intergovernmental Oce▓anographic Commission of the United N

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